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All Hands on Deck

Title: All Hands on Deck
Rating: nc-17
Genre: smut, sugardaddy!au
Pairing: seho
Summary: The best sights on Joonmyun's yacht are up on the top deck.

Sehun likes to spend his Friday evenings browsing the shopping channel, sprawled across a plush leather couch in front of a fifty-inch TV in the lounge.

For a jacket with such a hefty price tag, Sehun muses, pausing briefly on the piece of clothing that catches his eye, it looked old and tatty enough to be something the local garbage man would wear to work. Not that the hefty price tag was an issue.

The next item is a Cartier bracelet that resembles the one his friend Zitao’s been eyeing up longingly for weeks. There’s already enough jewellery Sehun owns but doesn’t wear but he’s decides he’s going to buy this one just so he can rub it in Zitao’s face, if not anything else. He fishes around in his back pocket for his LV wallet and idly wonders which of Joonmyun’s credit cards he should use today.

The front door of the condo beeps to confirm the correct passcode as Sehun’s finishing his transaction and Joonmyun himself strides in, toeing off his polished shoes onto the shoe rack and dropping his briefcase onto a nearby armchair. He’s barely shrugged his shoulders out of his blazer when Sehun scrambles from couch to greet him with a kiss.

“Shopping again?” Joonmyun teases, eyes falling on the TV screen. He rolls up the sleeves of his white button-up and ruffles Sehun’s hair fondly. “You should go out more.”

“Zitao said he was busy,” Sehun says grumpily, trying to fix his hair back into place. He slinks back into the arm of the couch, his black silk boxers riding up to show off a long, pale leg.

“Good.” Joonmyun crosses the room to press the button for the intercom on the wall. One of the live-in maids downstairs answers.

“Good?” Sehun repeats from the couch.

“…back later.” Joonmyun finishes his conversation with another press of the button. He turns around, hooking a finger into his tie and pulling it loose. “I’m going to get changed. Dress up; we’re going out for dinner.”

The restaurant is one of Joonmyun’s finest establishments, extravagant and fancy, located in the posh streets of uptown Gangnam. Joonmyun had bought it years ago and the staff were always willing to impress with their top-notch service.

The valet parks Joonmyun’s Maserati while the two of them walk in, where a waitress greets them and directs them over to a cosy spot in the corner. She pours them water and Joonmyun tells her he’ll just have his usual; steak au poivre and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, plus whatever Sehun feels like for the night. Sehun smiles and tells them anything is fine because they probably know all his favourites off by heart.

“So what are you doing this weekend?” Joonmyun inquires over the rim of his wine glass.

Sehun pops a fry into his mouth and chews thoughtfully. In spite of having access to enough of Joonmyun’s money to buy him three meals of caviar a day for the rest of his life, his tastes remained relatively simple. It didn’t bother Joonmyun; if the kid was happy with his fried potato, then the kid was happy with his fried potato.

“Nothing?” Sehun says, because every time he’s asked that particular question he and Joonmyun end up vacationing on some sunny island or shopping in London or spending the winter away horse-riding in the warm Australian outback. “Where are we going this time?” he accidentally blurts out, before realizing what he’s just said and flushing a brilliant shade of red.

Joonmyun chuckles at his reaction and puts his wine glass down. Sehun knows Joonmyun’s tendency for decadent things far too well – it’s almost their unsigned contract, Sehun’s body in exchange for money, more
money than his poor family could ever make in their lowly jobs as labourers and kitchen hands.

Joonmyun leans forward, eyes twinkling as he steeples his fingers together on the table. “I bought a private yacht on a whim this morning.” He winks conspiratorially and Sehun knows exactly what’s next. “Why don’t we go for a cruise tomorrow… and christen it?”

They end up doing the dirty in the back of the Maserati to commemorate the start of their weekend, Joonmyun having dropped a stack of ten thousand won bills into the valet’s hand to drive them home, rolling up the divider between the front and back passenger seats for ultimate privacy.

The private yacht is anchored just off the shore of Jeju island. Everything about it screams Kim Joonmyun, international hotel chain entrepreneur - from the triple decks to the mink blankets that line the cabin beds to the personal logo emblazoned proudly on the hull. It’s fully staffed with personnel Joonmyun himself hired, and the select handful of guests they’ve invited are mingling up on the second deck.

Joonmyun reclines in his deck chair next to Minseok, the heir to one of South Korea’s biggest property investors and one of Kim Corporation’s closest business partners. He waves over one of the maids and plucks a drink from her platter, offering Minseok one too, which he gladly accepts.

“So how did the contract go with Choi’s hotel?” Minseok asks, clinking glasses together. “Father said they weren’t doing well since that scandal.”

“Wasn’t a problem.” Joonmyun swishes his drink around. “If they’ve managed to hold on this long then there has to be outside support involved. Lee Subsidiaries is backing them as well, so they’re not leaving without a
decent fight.”

Minseok hums in agreement, letting the amicable silence float between them. The salty sea breeze ruffles their hair as the yacht bobs up and down in the water. The weather’s blessed them with plenty of sun today; the gulls wheel about in the warm skies above them.

“Where’s Sehun?” Minseok says.

Joonmyun adjusts his Givenchy sunglasses higher. “Below deck-”

“I’m here,” a voice announces behind them. Sehun is bounding up the stairs beside where Joonmyun and Minseok are sunning themselves in their deck chairs. He’s dragging along what looks like a blushing Zitao, saying something about “don’t be a wuss” and yanking at his arm. “Come on, Jongdae would seriously think you’re hot.”

“I-I’m seasick,” Zitao blatantly lies, but Sehun’s not letting this one go.

“Hey, Jongdae!” Sehun yells across the deck, to the outdoor minibar where Jongdae is mixing alcoholic drinks for the guests. “Yo!” The cute bartender waves back and Zitao shrinks away.

“Still holding onto him?” Minseok laughs. He looks at Joonmyun over the top of his aviators. “How long do you plan on playing sugar daddy?”

Joonmyun elbows him good-naturedly in the side. “As long as I want,” he replies, draining away the last of his drink before pointing vaguely in Sehun’s direction with his empty glass. “Look at him and tell me you wouldn’t want to fuck him day and night.”

Minseok eyes Sehun’s tall, lean figure sitting at the bar in his surely-too-tight shorts and t-shirt with its sleeves rolled up to his shoulders, and whistles appreciatively. “Nice,” he nods, “but still not my type.”

Joonmyun grins and pats his friend on the knee. “Hope it stays that way,” he teases, “because I don’t like to share.” He swings his legs to the side to get off the deck chair. “I’ll talk to you later.” He goes to find Sehun, swapping his empty glass for a full one on his way to the bar.

Sehun’s managed to get several drinks into Zitao already, who’s breaking down into fits of giggles like a school girl every time Jongdae flirts with him. Joonmyun comes up behind Sehun and presses himself up against his back, arms sneaking around his waist and dropping his chin onto Sehun’s shoulder.

“Did you get a good view from below?” Joonmyun asks.

“It was really cool.” Sehun turns his head slightly to catch a kiss, much to Jongdae’s exaggerated eye-rolling in the background. It tastes like alcohol and cherries. “Can Zitao and I go jet skiing later?”

“…Jet skiing?” Joonmyun raises an eyebrow. “You think you’ll have enough energy to go jet skiing after I’m done with you?” He slips his hands under Sehun’s t-shirt for emphasis, fingers skittering across the boy’s soft tummy.

Sehun gulps and sets his drink down with a wobbly hand. “Here?” he says nervously.

“I would have already, but we have guests,” Joonmyun smirks. One of his hands finds Sehun’s and tugs firmly.

“Why don’t we go to the upper deck?”

“Don’t leave me here,” Zitao pleads, clearly trying to avoid eye contact with Jongdae, “Sehun…”

Joonmyun yanks Sehun out of his seat. “Jongdae will look after you, won’t he?” He looks meaningfully at the bartender, who cackles and chirps a “Sure will.”

The upper deck is totally private, even requiring a number code in the door for access. There are only two cushioned deck chairs present, one with a small bag containing their usual supplies. The planks are made of the finest grain wood, polished to a high calibre shine and silver guard rails line the perimeter of the deck. The quiet buzz of the people below can be heard over the waves lapping against the ship’s hull, the only interruption being Chanyeol’s booming laugher that comes in disruptive bursts.

The scenery is quite picturesque. Jeju island looms in the distance and the ocean stretches further than Sehun can see, but his viewing pleasure is abruptly cut short by Joonmyun pulling him in for a hard kiss.

“You look nice today,” Joonmyun remarks between more kisses, “in your little swimming shorts and lounging all over my yacht.” The corner of his mouth curls up in amusement when Sehun’s fair skin goes pink. “You could be a beach model, you know.”

“I think I’m too pale,” Sehun says breathlessly, letting himself be pushed onto his knees. The panelling of the deck is warmed from the sun. He nuzzles against at the bulge forming in Joonmyun’s own beach shorts before

Joonmyun shoves them down, throwing them onto one of the deck chairs. Sehun mouths at his half-hard cock briefly before taking it in past his lips, flattening his tongue to accommodate it into the wet warmth. He hears the satisfying thrum of Joonmyun’s groan as he starts to bob his head in the motions he knows better than the back of his hand and hollows his cheeks, instantly feeling Joonmyun’s fingers tighten in his hair. His hands guide the pace and he thrusts into Sehun’s mouth, gently so as to not choke him.

Sehun looks up him for approval through his thick eyelashes, his pupils darkened and dilated with lust. Joonmyun's cock twitches at the sight and he sucks in a breath through his teeth. He can feel a tongue laving up his shaft, circling the head deliciously and coming back down – any longer and Joonmyun may as well embarrass himself and come right there.

“Sehun,” he grits out, chest heaving up and down in exertion, and Sehun obediently stops. His face spells innocence, but his demeanour is all smugness.

Joonmyun helps him to his feet, only to strip him of his clothes and throw them aside. “All hands on deck,” he jokes, and Sehun snorts at his terrible choice of words. “And knees too. Let’s get you prepped.”

Sehun sinks onto all fours, his pert rear curving into the air and his cock hanging heavy between his legs. “You don’t have to,” he says cheekily. “I had the foresight to do it myself in the shower this morning.”

Joonmyun pinches one of Sehun’s ass cheeks. “Brat,” he says, but he finds it’s the truth when his fingers meet little resistance as he pushes several into Sehun’s hole. They probably have sex frequently enough that Sehun’s more or less comfortably stretched but the fun lies in stringing him out, making him pant and beg for Joonmyun to fill him up.

Joonmyun grabs the lube from the bag on the deck chair and squirts some out into his palm, rubbing his hands together to warm it before slicking up. He kneads the flesh of Sehun’s ass just to aggravate him and pushes the head of his cock inside. The tightness is delirium-inducing and Joonmyun’s eyes flutter closed as the rest of his length slides in.

Sehun makes an unintelligible noise, grinding back roughly against him. He pouts over his shoulder until Joonmyun moves, thrusting hard enough for the sound of his pelvis hitting’s Sehun’s ass to be heard over the water.

“We should be fast before we’re missed,” Joonmyun murmurs, leaning forward to drape himself over Sehun’s back and kissing the sweaty nape of his neck. “When we have time we can do this properly.”

“…Properly?” Sehun mumbles incoherently. The muscles of his back bunch up as Joonmyun’s cock hits him in all the right places and he lowers himself onto his forearms before he completely collapses. “Wh-”

“It means I’m going to fuck you until you pass out on my deck,” Joonmyun growls, thrusting harder into the tightness that just welcomes him in. “Do you want that?”

Sehun throws his head back and moans at the raw force pounding into him from behind. The rush of his blood fills his ears, his heart thundering in his chest and adrenaline burning through his system. “I want-” He cries out loudly and curls his fists until his nails dig into his palms; Joonmyun’s fucking him senseless and there’s nothing on the deck within reach that he can grab onto to. “I want it… please…”

Spurred on by the thought of having Sehun under him all night, pliant and willing, Joonmyun’s fingers tighten their bruising hold on Sehun’s hips as he picks up the pace some more; there’ll definitely be marks for the kid to look at in the morning.

“Don’t be so loud,” Joonmyun whispers in his ear. He raises a hand and gives Sehun’s rear a good slap. “What if our guests find out you have an exhibitionist streak?”

“They already know we’re up here,” Sehun can’t help but to say back wryly, hoping Joonmyun will slap him again, “so what else could you be possibly doing if not me?”

Joonmyun is almost tempted to pull out and come on Sehun’s face for that comment. “Sass is unbecoming of you, Oh Sehun,” he pants, slowing down slightly so he can wrap his fingers around Sehun’s cock, swollen and dripping pre-come onto the deck. He pumps him at a pace to match his already-punishing thrusts and relishes in the pathetic, defeated groan that escapes Sehun’s lips.

“Come, Sehun,” he hisses, biting into the broad planes of his shoulders, “come for me.”

“I-I’m-” Sehun chokes back another strangled cry and releases into Joonmyun’s hand. White drips onto the deck below. His forearms give out and he drops his head onto his hands, breathing heavily as Joonmyun is free to chase his own completion. He clenches around the cock in his ass and feels Joonmyun’s thrusts start to turn erratic and lose rhythm.

“Do it again,” Joonmyun demands, brushing his damp hair out his face with his fingers. So close. He sees Sehun look at him over his shoulder again, expression exhausted but blissed out and satiated as he obeys his orders.

“You’re fucking me tonight,” Sehun purrs, hoping to push him to completion, “but I want to ride you… I want your cock inside me when I sit in your lap, I want all of it in-”

Joonmyun’s hazy stare pins him down with fearsome strength. “I’m holding you to that,” he mutters, pulling out in time to come across the back of Sehun’s thighs.

They catch their breath in a pile of tired limbs, spread-eagled on the deck and basking in the warmth of sunshine. Joonmyun’s the first to move, nudging Sehun in the side before he gets up. He tears a few tissues from a handy pack of twenty for himself before throwing the rest at Sehun, who groans but sits up anyway. Joonmyun puts his blue beach shorts on and slips back into his tank top. Sehun gets redressed with a bit of whinging after he cleans his mess off the deck and Joonmyun notices his knees and elbows are painfully red, chafed from their deck during session of rigorous exercise. He makes a mental note to bring maybe a rug or a blanket for next time. There were probably a few eiderdown quilts on the yacht that he could afford to dirty and just toss out afterwards.

“So what do you think of the yacht?” Joonmyun asks. He lies down next to Sehun’s sprawled body and puts his sunglasses back on. “Like it?”

“Top deck’s my favourite,” Sehun beams, and Joonmyun resists the urge to flick him in the forehead. Instead, he rolls over until he’s nearly lying on top of Sehun and slings a possessive arm across his chest.

“Why’s that?” he mocks him. “Don’t want to do it on second floor where everyone can see?”

“No.” Sehun snuggles closer to Joonmyun and tries to change the subject. He’s never going to be ble to come to the top deck with a clean mind ever again. “Can we take a photo of us on the yacht?”

Joonmyun shrugs and reaches into his pocket for his phone. “Are you going to put it on your Instagram?”

“Can I?”

Joonmyun doesn’t see why not. He tilts his sunnies down so he can see the screen of his phone and speed dials Jongdae down in the bar. “It’s me. Yes, you can leave Zitao alone now. Passcode’s nine-one-nine-four; come up and do us a favour.” There is a pause. “No, we’re not still fucking. Hurry up.”

Tags: exo, nc-17, seho, smut, sugardaddy!au

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